VIDEO: Decline and Fall of the Red Wings

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The 'Not So Great One'
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Re: VIDEO: Decline and Fall of the Red Wings

Postby PolarBear » Tue Sep 12, 2017 1:02 pm


I'm sorry but I am very happy to see him coaching the Michigan Wolverines in college football. Here's hoping he can build up a Michigan team that can threaten and eventually dethrone Alabama.
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Re: VIDEO: Decline and Fall of the Red Wings

Postby Kronstantinov » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:29 pm

barbrady wrote:
Kronstantinov wrote:Holland inherited a great team and won the lottery twice with Eurotwins. The man is a dolt.

Disagree. He did some great things the first 10-11 years of his career as GM. He inherited a great team, and maintained it's greatness through a good combo of trades, free agency, and the draft for a long time. Why doesn't he get some credit for drafting Z and Dats? Only the bad stuff is his fault but the good stuff is because of somebody else? That's stupid.

Holland showed excellent GM skills initially after the lockout, and proved it wasn't all because of pre-cap spending. He made the right decisions with who to cut/keep. He found bargain bin gems like Cleary and Samuelsson to replace them. He brought Osgood back as a cheap back-up which ended up paying off huge. Convinced Shanny to come back on a pretty cheap 1 year deal for the 2006 season. Let Dave Lewis go and brought in Babcock. He made nearly all the right decisions for a few years improving the team to get them to what should have been 2 Cups. Letting Legace go and taking a shot on old man Hasek. Getting rid of Jason Williams. Letting Lang walk. Replacing Schneider with Rafalski. The trade for Brad Stuart. In addition to the Eurotwins, he had drafted some very good players in Hudler, Filppula, Kronwall, and Franzen that were vital to those Cup runs.

Unfortunately that prudence only lasted a handful of years before he started becoming the dolt he is today.

You either die/retire a hero, or live long enough to become the villain.

He had a genius advisor when he was making good decisions. It's been all downhill after Bowman left.
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Re: VIDEO: Decline and Fall of the Red Wings

Postby barbrady » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:57 pm

Kronstantinov wrote:He had a genius advisor when he was making good decisions. It's been all downhill after Bowman left.

This doesn't take away from his accomplishments. Ultimately Ken Holland had the final say. But yes, having smart guys around you certainly helps.

I think the bigger problem and the reason for the sharp decline is who has replaced Bowman/Nill/Yzerman and everyone they took with them. I'm certain those guys didn't always agree with Holland, and when they thought he was doing something wrong, I have no doubt they weren't afraid to tell him. That is definitely not the case with their replacements. He seems to have nothing but "Yes Men" advising him now, either that or he's read to many news articles about his greatness and no longer believes he needs to listen to anyone else.

Just look at his current assistant GM, Ryan Martin, who according to the Wings website is "primarily responsible for collective bargaining agreement administration and compliance, salary cap management, player contract research and analysis, and salary arbitration preparation." He's been in that position for 7 years. If that's his job, he's the worst in the NHL at it.
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