Upcoming New Feature: User Blogs

Over the coming weeks, RedWingCenter will begin to incorporate user submitted blogs into the the news-o-sphere. These blogs will submitted by a select number of RedWingCenter users, and will be from a wide range of topics. We will have authors first hand takes on games, prospects, tournaments. As well as opinion pieces on Coaching, Play Style, Development, and the Future Outlooks.

The Blogs will be submitted to this forum, and aggregated to both the front page and the portal page. As they begin to take off, these blogs will also be posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media websites. (If the Author chooses).

This Blog Forum will house the content. Only Members of the “Blogger” group will be capable of submitting a Blog. However, all RWC registered users will be able to reply to the blogs, and give their thoughts. While all posts will continue to fall under the realm of our posting guild lines, we will likely be a bit more strict in “encouraging” well structured replies.

Next week will will come up with a process to submit your idea/thought/concept to become an authorized Blogger. As well as what we expect from the User when he\she becomes a blogger.

Our Goal is to make RedWingCenter a very popular place for Wings fans to visit. We offer a lot of content in a “one stop” location. Blogging is the obvious next step to offer our own brand of unique content to RWC Fans and Red Wing Fans alike.